Official Launch of the Centre for Global Eco-innovation at New Senate Chamber, university of Benin

Official Launch of the Centre for Global Eco-innovation  at New Senate Chamber, university of Benin

Official Launch of the Centre for Global Eco-innovation  at New Senate Chamber, university of Benin on 15th June 2017 time 10am Present at the event were the Vice Chancellor represented by the DVC Academic Prof Pius Irighogbe, DVC Administration Prof.Jacob Ehiorobo, the school Librarian represented by Dr Obaruyi, Minister of Education honorably represented by Dr Mohamed Mallam professors ,deans and director and different faculty representative and many others. Theme of the Event “Eco-Innovation : Bridging the valley of death “

The huge unemployment problem in Nigeria is worrisome. This likely to get worse if practical step is not taken to deliberately increase employment opportunities that would match the high turnover of graduates from Nigerian universities, more worrisome is the absence of practical industry-led skilled and enterprise capacity amongst many of our graduates. A clear mitigating measure would be to evolve an academia-industry engagement capacity of correcting these defects, in line with the current trends in leading universities in the world over

To make this effective the current wide divide between the universities and industries must be bridged. A strategy partnership exist between university of Benin and Lancaster university in this regard

The centre for global Eco innovation (CGE) was established in other to develop and exploit the expertise, resource and global contact of the university, further enhance through collaborative research organization working together CGE support business-led collaborative research than underpin the development of new product, process and service for the new global marketplace

In this programme we had some plenary session the first plenary paper was taken by Prof Krist Semple director of international engagement, Lancaster Environment centre, Lancaster University UK had his topic Importance of international partnership. He said partnership are key to build academic business and policy dimension and bring the collaborative design mechanism for facilitating sustainable and innovative engagement in Africa

To highlight the importance of universities and business working together in partnering to support innovation to strengthen growth .it build new links between existing research excellence across partnership and discipline

The second plenary paper was taken by Prof. Nigel Paul Director Of Centre for Global Eco-Innovation Lancaster Environment centre Lancaster University  UK , with topic The Lancaster Eco-Innovation model and its potential for Africa. It has show the power of effective collaboration between universities and business to drive eco –innovation for sustainable economic growth.CGE does delivered skilled people for employment eco-innovation business now and through the career. CGE deliver skilled business .CGE aims are to use high quality  to search, to drive sustaining economic growth through new product , process and service.

Lancaster university has a long term standing relationship with the university of Benin and there is a memorandum of agreement between both universities, building on this established relationship enhanced by a series of academia industry for the two universities have worked together to establish CGE (Nigeria) at the university of Benin, the strategic vision for CGE Nigeria will be delivered through the series of Eco innovation activities. The centre for global Eco-innovation Nigeria is being set up at the University of Benin with a core vision with few listed below

  • To enhance the new national agenda in Nigeria around the need for collaboration between academic research and industry to drive sustainable, equitable economic growth.

  • To support Nigerian business by bridging the gap between academia and industry using a series of target –driven intervention pioneered at Lancaster but re-defined and tested to meet the need of Nigeria

  • To make the university of Benin an industry /academia co location and co development hub

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