The School Of Medicine, Hold Her First Town & Gown Lecture titled " Sudden Death: The How, The Why & The Way Forward"

Dr. Wilson Akhiwu delivering his Research Talk

The school of Medicine University of Benin present her first Town and Gown Lecture Series  at Akin Deko Auditorium  ,Wednesday 31th  May, 2017 with Title: Sudden Death : The How,The Why and the Way Forward . which was delivered by Dr. Wilsom O.Akhiwu Commissioner of Police : Head Forensic and Crime Data and Force pathologist with the Nigerian Police
The citation of the Lecturer Dr. Wilson Akhiwu  as a commissioner of police, pathology a force pathologist with the DeparPathology, earned a bachelor degree in medicine and surgery of science degree in Biochemical Toxicology from University of Benin 1995 , Dr. Wilson Akhiwu is an erudite scholar, a peer review for a number of Journals and a prolific writer with more than 60 publication in local, national journal. He was an associate lecturer in the Department of Pathology of the University of Benin from 1996 to 2003 and Igbinedion University Okada from 2002 till date, A group of Forensic Psychologists led by Prof. Alison is embedded in the Metro Police. We may need this in Nigeria.
He started by saying in his lecture, will attempt to reach everyone as he was informed that the audience is a mixed one.
Death has special significance in different cultures. For Africans specifically, we only transit from life here to life as ancestors, For Christians, death is a choice. “Before man is life and death, good and evil, that which he chooses shall be given him” Eccl 15: 18 Without death of Jesus (and His resurrection) we will not have life, Grail messengers say death is sure and transition to another life. 
In Hinduism and Buddism, death is another name of god. No matter how we look at death, it is a sad event. Medical Practice tries to save lives to avoid the trauma that death brings. 
Death has traumatic when sudden. Sudden death is a distinct entity in Medicine. He defined death according to WHO: “Death occurring within 24HRS of the onset of symptoms when the death is not instantaneous and not due to SunnatD”. 
Dr. Wilson Akhiwu later Categorize Sudden Death as follows:
Sudden death of person previously in good health
The unexpected death of patient already on treatment but not seriously ill.
Unexpected death of an ill patient that is not readily explained 
The death of an ill person whose condition has not yet been diagnosed. (Death within 24hrs)
He earlier alluded to Sudden Deaths making up 33% of all unexpected deaths in 1 study from Benin.
In another setting, Sudden Deaths accounted for 14.6% of cases reported to Police as murders over a 5 yr period. 
In Ife, Sudden Deaths made up 13.3% of all medicolegal autopsies with M: F ratio of 2:1.
Ogbomoso showed only 4% Sudden Deaths with M: F ratio of 2:1
He said Autopsies are accepted as gold standard in finding the cause of death. Given the special cases of Sudden death, Infant Death Syndrome and Sudden death of young athletes are special.
SIDs are deaths of infants that are sudden, unexpected, with no obvious cause. SID is diagnosis of last resort after good forensic autopsy
SID is 3rd leading cause of infant death in the USA with peak at 2 – 4moths age Attributed to immature brainstem development
He talked on the role of a pathologist, Pathology is the study of the basis of disease, “It is at the core of medicine branches: Pathology (M.A), Haematology, Microbiology, Chem Pathology Forensic. Pathology is a subspecialty of M.A, In most advanced countries of the world, only pathologists are allowed to carry out autopsies
Get a good history
Does the pm and takes samples for histo / toxicology and Does other tests when necessary
Calls in other specialists when necessary
Visits scene when necessary
Inspects clothings, weapons etc 
In  conclusion, Sudden deaths are relatively common, They can affect any age group
Males are more at risk than female.
He concluded by saying “Healthy lifestyle can reduce the incidence  Most cases of sudden death are of cardiovascular origin Pathologists, police and others have a role to play in the investigation, Government should provide enabling environment for reduction of such deaths.