The 190th Inaugural Lecture Series

190th Inaugural Lecture Series

The 190th  inaugural lecture series of the University Of Benin, Benin City  was held at the regular venue, Akin Deko Auditorium Ugbowo Campus on  the  25th May 2017

Present at the event , the vice chancellor of the university represented by ,DVC Academic Prof E.P Iribhogbe, the DVC administration Prof. Ehirobo, the school Librarian Dr Evelyn  Idiodi , Deans Directors, Professor ,Emeritus Professors ,the Governor of Edo State Represented by Osayande, CMD UBTH Prof Mike Ibadan, Chief Iyase, Prof. Akenzua , Hon Patrick Obayangbon

The lecture with unaccustomed attendance had the Topic: “Corpus Orthopaedos Erga Omnes – Seasons and The Salutary Symbioses for Healthy Movement. Delivered by Prof Alfred Oghogho Ogbemudia, a professor of Orthopaedics and Traumatology.

According to Webster’s Universal Dictionary and Thesaurus defines corpus as a body or collection, especially of written works.

In the new International Webster’s Comprehensive Dictionary of the English Language, Orthopaedos is a compound word of Greek origin (orthos – right or straight; paedos, paidos – child) meaning straight child but now used to refer to the branch of surgery called Orthopaedics. Erga Omnes is a Latin phrase which means towards all or for all.

Therefore, the surgical components of duties of care offered by orthopaedic surgeons are compelled to be conducted in symbiotic relationships amidst the influence of metallurgy, science of tissue regeneration and his or her innate artistry if the results are to be functionally and cosmetically acceptable.

Surgery in the absence of modern anaesthesia would have been a class act in base savagery. Anaesthesia has advanced to the point where even upper limb surgeries can now be safely done with the patient awake.

The specialty of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology is nearly impossible to practice effectively for any reasonable period without calling upon the metallurgical properties of metals, the surgical science of tissue regeneration and the artistry that is innate in everyone but honed to perfection in the orthopaedic surgeon and traumatologist by the need for musculoskeletal tissue reconstruction.

The other symbioses are the visible symbiosis in a triadic relationship involving the Nurse, Physiotherapist/Occupational Therapist and The Orthopaedic and the invisible one involving the Peri-Operative Nurse, Anaesthetist and the Orthopaedic Surgeon.  

Corrective osteotomy in the hands of the orthopaedic surgeon is a creative art in science when on-lookers are deprived of the opportunity to witness the underlying processes related to the intervention.

Transverse osteotomy usually led to loss of correction unless bone staples, pins or other related devices were used to hold the fragments together.  Blount disease is African?

The above technique was further improved upon when we combined the antero-posterior inverted some osteotomy with an open-wedge medial hemi-epiphyseal osteotomy in advanced cases of Blount disease in order to address the marked medial condyle depression that poses a continuing dynamic threat to lateral collateral ligament integrity when left unattended to. This procedure enabled us to correct rotational deformities as well as deformities in the sagittal, coronal and transverse planes, I had observed during my training that, regardless of how often routine dressings were done in patients with external fixation and skeletal traction devices; infection arose frequently within weeks of application.

To overcome this challenge, we came up with what has become the standard solution in our practice. We embraced the use of 1% Silver Sulphadiazine and Chlorhexidine(27) initially and later 1% Silver Sulphadiazine alone(28) with very excellent outcome. At hip arthroplasty, (Total and partial), we found that the most commonly used approach (the postero-lateral approach) consistently impairs satisfactory evaluation of limb length equalization during surgery because of poor access to the other limb. This

Control of bleeding during orthopaedic surgery had become a matter of major interest to me after my exposure to masters of the science and art of surgery during training.

Professor Alfred Oghogho Ogbemudia highlighted steps on how to Prevent Orthopaedic such as :

Buildings and Habits at home: Whenever you are tired, it is advisable to sit on a stool or chair to have your bath. A towel or foot mat on the floor leading out of the bathtub may be your insurance against falls.  As we age, consider the use of rails in your bathrooms, stairs and entrances to homes.

Exercise: The single most important prevention against debilitating osteoporosis is the bone-stock that we approach senility with. Whether in males or females, senile osteoporosis is inexorable and made worse in menopause and sedentariness. An exercise regimen of 20 -30 minutes every day for a lifetime can aid healthy longevity and healthy movement. You can exercise anywhere but not anyhow.

He  recommend that we as a nation and system to embrace what he  termed ‘reverse’ fellowship as a tool for bridging skills and knowledge gap in  our hospitals.

  • In the construction of new wards in hospitals,

  • Definitive treatment of fractures

  • Equipment for orthopaedic surgical care..

  • All teaching hospitals should have clinical skills acquisition centres.

  • Governments and/or through their parastatals should restore the school health programme

Lastly Improved funding should be sought for enhancement of orthopaedic surgical care through better collaboration between industries and governments and there should be no blanket ban on overseas clinical attachment.

In concluding the lecturer,  salute the ingenuity of the Nigerian spirit as depicted by the orthopaedic surgeons and traumatologists who produce day in, day out outstanding results. What he has brought before you today is a tip of the iceberg in industry and outcome by orthopaedists nationwide.

The vice chancellor  represented by DVC (Acedemic)  prof.  E.P Iribhogbe appreciated the lecturer for the research work and a well delivered lecture. He thereafter decorated Prof . Alfred Oghogho Ogbemudia with a medal to usher him into the honor roll of the University of Benin Inaugural Lecturer’s