Opening Ceremony Of The 2017 Annual postgraduate Conference Holds In University Of Benin

Annual Postgraduate Conference, University of Benin

The university of Benin, Benin city school of postgraduate studies organizes the second postgraduate conference at the Akin Deko Auditorium 23rd may, 2017 with the theme Advancing Lecturer –student Relationship: bridging The Gap In Postgraduate Education.

Present at the programme the vice Chancellor humbly represented by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic Prof Pius  Deans, Directors and Heads of department of various Department, the welcome Address  given by O.B Osadalor  Dean of student of the teacher-student relationship (TSR)  is a precondition of social  learning

Keynote address by the vice chancellor representative Pius Iriogghobe said the school of postgraduate studies is admitted into the various program, it will produce the necessary platform to exchange ideas and proffer possible solution for the program. He said the conference was designed to solve some problem student encounter in their educational sojourn and to keep track of student

The paper presentation by prof .C.O. Usifoh  who talked on the topic The Role of monitoring in postgraduate Studies .he said monitoring in postgraduate studies is important, he said we don’t have mentor because of the low capacity and limited resource

He asks why do we need a mentor? He said in one way or the other everyone needs a mentor, a mentor offer advice, and support and expect very little in return

But a sponsor he said differs from a mentor in the sense that they invest in our success and are willing to offer guidance.they have more at stake, he said what a mentor does for us is to encourage us to integrate our work and life , help you find funding , share knowledge about their experience and also assist in grant writing

Mentoring is a symbiotic relationship, mentoring advance career and career satisfaction for both the mentor and mentee. Mentors are guided which leads us  through the journey of our lives we trust then because they have been there

Mentoring is a key determinant of retention of real academic in the university .he gave some strategies for finding a mentor

  • Take a critical self-appraiser

  • Identify potential mentor

  • Avoid limiting your option

  • Tip for finding a mentor

  • No one mentor meet all needs

These are the area you look at when selecting a mentor

  • supportive

  • self aware

  • good listener

  • perceptive and

  • Authoritative

A good mentor takes interest in his mentee because mentee are not an empty vessel that is always receiving his/her value must be clarified and what motivate them and that which motivates them such as

Teaching contribution, teaching quality, teaching innovation and feedback from the teaching.

Mentor relation with mentee


Being available at the time agreed


Initial expectation on both sides

Across level mentor need to be aware of the additional barriers and mentoring needs faced by those belong to a mentoring group like women .he quoted that if we don’t mentor we waste talent