Call for manuscript for Volume 3, Issues 1 & 2 of Nigerian Journal of Dental Research

NJDR Cover

Call for manuscript for Volume 3, Issues 1 & 2 of NIGERIAN JOURNAL OF DENTAL RESEARCH that will be published in 2018 is on. Nigerian Journal of Dental Research, the official peer-reviewed Journal of School of Dentistry, College of Medical Sciences, University of Benin is an open access journal with full text of published article available at  Information for authors is available on the website and manuscript can also be submitted on the website. Alternatively, manuscript can be submitted as email attachment to [email protected]

Manuscript on all Specialties of dentistry, Nursing/orofacial physiotherapy, Oral care of admitted and unconscious patients, Orofacial scarification, piercing, modification, mutilation, Medicine relevant to dentistry, Orofacial radiography, Basic Medical Science with application in Dentistry on bone, teeth, saliva, gustation, deglutition, Kissing, facial anthrometry etc. Saliva based research, Dental Education, History and culture relevant to Dentistry, Religious practices to oral health, Social and Behavioural Dentistry, Anthropology relevant to Dentistry, Material science with application to dentistry, Polymers with application to dentistry, Development of dental materials from natural and native substances, Mathematical modelling in dentistry, Mobile APP in Dentistry, Art and paints with dental application

Psychological aspects of dentistry, Application of Geographical information System in Oral health, Nutrition and oral health and diseases, etc. are welcomed.

Publication fee for accepted manuscript is 25,000 naira.

For questions and you can contact the Secretary to Editorial Board at [email protected].